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Video Marketing is a powerful online marketing tool to drive massive traffic to your website and convert that traffic into leads, prospects, customers and clients. Today people are spending more time on the internet sourcing for information, leisure and business purposes. There are as many as 3 billion views of videos on YouTube daily. But you need to make sure you stay away from all the current video marketing myths!

You see, with any industry, there are good guys and there are bad guys. The problem is, because video marketing and online video is going through such a boom, there is a lot of hype and a lot of 'crap' out there.

With the sharks and charlatans out there, it's difficult to know what works and what is going to get you banned. So we have put together 6 points that you must obey in order to get rankings, leads, sales and results when using video in your business.

So here are 6 Myths and some top tips for online video:

1) Drags and Pauses
When a video comes to an end on YouTube, you might notice a bunch of related videos show up. It's YouTube's way of keeping you watching videos (and they earn they money from the ads they show you). Now, some people think that to combat this problem, they should add in some dead time or a drag at the end of the video which will mean the video plays for longer at the end and no related videos will show. Don't do that!
You see, YouTube don't like it and are banning these videos but also, it'll increase your time on your videos and that's the number one thing people will look at. Too long and they'll leave… not good.
So some other people have suggested pauses at the end of the video. In the annotation section, you can add in a pause. Do this and it'll mean you can stop the video at the end (with no additional video time) and nobody can see the related video until the pause ends (but you get to decide how long that is). Again, don't do this. You will jeopardize your rankings. – we've seen it happen on our own videos and client videos.

2) Tag Ripping
Not a good idea. Some people will just copy the best videos and steal their tags of their videos and hope they'll get the same ranking. First off, this doesn't work. YouTube are more savvy than you might think! But also, you'll only ever going to do as well as that other video. You'll rarely beat them and they might not know what they are doing. Not a good idea. Instead, use clustered keywords and that's the best method for ranking your videos.

3) Just have 1 channel?
Just one channel will not provide the best return on your time and financial investment. You see, your channel is very important, but you can grow by adding more channels and relevant channels. If you have multiple channels that provide value for your viewers then you will be getting maximum exposure. Plus, when you have more channels building authority, you can start to get some incredible results.

4) 3 minutes in length is best.
No it's not! We've tested things over and over and you'll get your best result by keeping your videos concise and try to keep them to 90 seconds or so. Get rid of all the waffle and keep the content value-rich.

5) Socks and Cartoon Videos
Well, for business this simple will not work. You wan tto be building respect, authority, credibility and if you start using socks, puppets, cartoons or anything esle you're going to be really damaging your brand. 1 video like this and it'll destroy what you've been building for years. Just don't do it. You might be nervous, anxious, worried or you might even think you're not "pretty enough". Look, it's not about being perfect, it's about being a human being and showing yourself to be someone that your viewers can get to know, like and trust.

6) Fiverr, Traffic Geyser, TubeMogul
Okay, here is a strategy that used to work. Create a video and then distribute it to as many places as possible to see if you can get more views. Whilst it used to work (kinda), YouTube and Google have been cracking down on duplicate content, hence you may have seen lots of people's accounts being frozen. It's all in the panda update.
Fiverr – it has been used many times and taught as a great place to get backlinks. Whilst YouTube are still allowing videos to rank despite the spamming backlinks, be sure that they will come and find you. All that effort to creating the video and then it's just taken down for spamming it with backlinks? It'll become a huge problem in future. Anyway, you can use many other more powerful strategies to REALLY get results from video marketing.

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