Motivation tools to help you lose weight: Your journal

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Motivation tools to help you lose weight is a series all about helpful things you can use for encouragement and inspiration to keep your diet on track.

Motivation tools: Your journal

Our final instalment in the motivation tools series is going to bring it all home and focus on where your motivation should really come from: YOU.

As much as other people can encourage and motivate your efforts in losing weight and getting fit and healthy, what you really need is to get yourself to the point where you are your own best source of encouragement.

One of the best ways to do this is to journal every day

It doesn’t have to be particularly deep or insightful, just a short taking-down of your general feelings about the day, how you feel like you did in your various areas of interest and work (including your diet and exercise), and anything extra you may have felt – like maybe someone flirted with you and you felt like you were looking extra good, or your clothing felt like it fit you better.

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Reading back over a month or two will encourage you for the road ahead, and get you on the right track for continued effort in the right direction, because you will pick up tips on how to feel great, and these should be linked to ideas of success on diet and fitness-related activities.

Use your own daily life to inspire your future actions. Become your own inspiration. It works!

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