Monday Motivation: Saying Goodbye To Being In A Food Rut

A new work week has begun and if you’re like me, you need to make a stop at your local supermarket after work to pick up some groceries for the week. You don’t need to make a list because you plan on getting the same go-to healthy items you’ve been buying week after week. However, as you look into your shopping cart and stare at your usual stock pile of foods, you find yourself completely unsatisfied and disinterested in any of the items. You long for excitement, but are afraid of getting any new foods because you don’t want to disrupt your healthy eating flow. At, we can totally relate to this problem and help you fix it! Check out our tips on how to get out of your food rut:

Make Your Plate More Colorful

One of the reasons why you may be feeling unsatisfied with your food is because it doesn’t look visually appealing to you. A grilled chicken breast, a cup of brown rice and a few asparagus spears make for a great healthy dinner, but all the white and just a touch of green makes for a pretty drab looking plate. Why not liven up your dish by adding a fresh herb like memory-boosting rosemary to your chicken, a dash of spice like disease-preventing turmeric to your rice and a cup of antioxidant-rich blueberries on the side? Now you’ve added more green and some yellow and blue, plus a juicy guilt-free dessert (Score!). Adding more color to your plate by using natural sources like herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables doesn’t add any excessive calories to your meal and most importantly proves that you can make any meal more visually appetizing without the use of  harmful natural and artificial colors.

Scan, Evaluate & Decide Which New Products To Try

Eliminate your fear of trying new food products by using our FoodFacts app as your food-purchasing evaluator. Each time you go grocery shopping, pull out your phone and use our app to scan all of the new food items you’re curious about trying. The reason why we recommend using our app while you’re in the grocery store instead of after you get home is so that you can prevent bringing food products home that are unhealthy and full of controversial ingredients. If you wait to scan your foods item until you get home, chances are you’re going to be more tempted to eat all of the items, even the ones that you discover score low on our food grading system, instead of returning the unhealthy products to the store.

We grade foods starting from an A+ to an F according to their ingredients and nutritional value. After seeing the score of each food and what allergens and ailments are associated with it, you can more accurately evaluate and decide which food items you will add to your cart and which ones you will put back on the shelf. So for instance, if you’re longing for a new salad dressing, you can scan each one you’re interested in and buy the dressing that scores the highest (aim for a C+ and higher), making it a worry-free, smart and healthy choice.

Get Excited About Food Again

Being in a food rut is a frustrating thing. However, constructing a more colorful plate and having the right tool like our FoodFacts app can be all you need to get excited about food again! You deserve to feel confident in knowing that the foods you buy and put into your body are healthy and free of harmful ingredients. Start today by filling your shopping cart at the grocery store full of old favorites as well as new food items and then go home and prepare a beautifully plated masterpiece!

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