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This hospital’s email admins have implemented spam alerts — but they don’t want false-positives to wait for a daily quarantine message, reports a pilot fish on the scene.

“They decided to send a ‘you have potential spam’ email each time a piece of potential spam arrived,” grumbles fish.

“So our users, instead of the constant flow of spam, received a constant flow of you-may-have-spam alerts, which required them to open their quarantine and deal with it. Needless to say, this actually took more time than if the spam was just allowed in.

“One guy I worked with called the admins and explained that this policy wasn’t very good — and was met with ‘Well, we feel it is and we’re not changing it.’

“So for the next users that called in to complain about the spam alerts, he set up a rule that forwarded their you-may-have-spam emails to the email admin group.

“The spam handling was changed that day.”

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