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World First: Artificial Intelligence Powered Twitter Marketing YES YES YES! Finally as marketers we’re able to use a piece of software for Twitter marketing that DOESN’T smell like an automated robot, this new Twitter marketing software marks a step towards personalised automation like you’ve never seen before!

Your Twitter account is all about building your audience
& connecting with that audience in an authentic way.

Authentic? Yeah, that’s hard – but we’ve taken out 99% of the challenge.

This new software can help you by:

=> LOCATION Based Tweets

=> Smart Personalised Follow Suggestions

=> Custom Search Dates, Build FRESHER Audiences

=> Creating Call to Action Tweets

=> Positive/Negative Language Detection/Filter

=> Detect Videos/Images & RT/Post More Engaging Content

=> Relationship Building @Conversation Starters

=> Send Personalised Messages

=> Automate, Grow & Profit!

It’s Automation That ANYONE Can Profit With!

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