Top Social Video Marketing Tips For 2017 – Social Media Minute

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This is Social Media Minute. Here are some of your top social video commerce tips-off for 2017.

Number one, it’s obvious degree, have a strategy around your videos in terms of your storytelling.

Number two, innovate. There’s 360 video and VR video, try these acts out.

Number Three, live is a serious factor likewise of these innovations.

Number four, select the right pulpit for the video. Don’t jostle a video on YouTube, Facebook and all the other platforms.
                   It doesn’t work like that.

Number Five represent the videos short. We’re looking at 20, 30, 40 seconds. You can’t place a 20 -minute video on Facebook. It’s not possible. Maybe on YouTube, but make it short for some of the pulpits. Focus on your intros and outros. The first seconds are the most important to retain the gathering. This also means you have to add subtitles to every one of those videos. Most people watch it without phone. And last, make sure “theres” call-to-actions at the end of the video. Make sure call-to-actions are clearly marked, in the video and on the links in the description and everything around that. And last two points. Calibrate with the right metrics. Marketers still weigh merely with thoughts. We have so much more than that. Number one metrics should be views and view-through proportions compared with each other side by side.

If you don’t measure view-through proportions, you’re evaluating videos incorrect. There’s so many metrics, watching with or without sound etc. But views and view-through proportions, completed thoughts etc. Those are must-have metrics. And of course compare them by pulpit. YouTube has a something better view-through pace than Facebook because people will allow us to watching longer there. Use the right tool. Socialbakers has a lot of enormous pulpits. We have the only comparative video analytics pulpit. You can look at the YouTube and Facebook comparison. You don’t have to download data and figure out how these metrics compare.


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