The Real motivation behind Maria’s weight loss was her children!

The Real motivation behind Maria’s weight loss was her children!

Thanks Maria. Your weight loss story is a true motivation for our reader!

Hi, I am Maria.

My weight loss mission started 3 years ago, when my youngest daughter asked, “Mum, why are you so fat?” I was literally shocked. I giggled and passed by at that time; however later on, there were hundreds and thousands of questions that were lingering on my mind; “am I really that fat?”, “ What is the reason if I am really fat”, “Is my married life the cause; or my kids; or is there something else that is adding on weight to my body?”. After spending hours into this thought, I could just get one answer that I was lazy and my lethargic lifestyle was the only thing that was adding on inches to my body every single day.

The fact that I am fat was definitely bothering me a lot. But, there was one more things that was disturbing me; what will my children learn from me if I am lazy and do not try at all to maintain my body! The moment I realized it was bad for my children, I decided to do something to shed extra 25-30 pounds off my body. I was 140 pounds at that time.

Exercising is the best thing that anyone can do to have a perfect body shape. However, due to certain health issues I could not do intense workouts. I asked few of my friends, and one of them suggested me Skinny Fiber.

I don’t trust people blindly so, before taking these pills I decided to study about it. I was happy to find positive feedback from people.

I started taking these pills and was happy to witness changes in my eating habits, and body of course. My eating habits were controlled; eventually my body was reducing weight significantly. After complete 90 days, I lost nearly 10 pounds, which was a great achievement for me.

After 3 more months, it was my daughter who once again said, “Mum, you have lost weight, and you look beautiful nowadays”. I was happy to hear this!

Skinny Fiber has really worked out for me so, I would recommend to everyone who is planning to lose weight.

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