Taking Initiative: The Motivation Behind a Mother of Two

Ever since I was in high school I have enjoyed a mix of cardio and weights and have been an exerciser.

But, after I got pregnant with my first child four years ago, my exercise routine started really slacking. Then I got pregnant with my second child and totally stopped working out.

After giving birth the second time, I was really ready to get toned again. I feel my most confident when I can see muscles and feel strong.

The thought of going back to the gym was daunting though because of the time commitment and how out of shape I felt. I had driven by Koko Fit many times over the years. Unassuming in the strip mall nearest to my house, I saw the signage and was always curious about what was inside.

I went online and researched Koko and really liked the concept of a quick, effective workout, and the fact that I would be instructed exactly what strength exercises to do – how many and how quickly, etc.

The day after I was cleared by my doctor at six-weeks postpartum, I went in to get started.

During my trial period, the staff was so friendly and helpful teaching me about the machines and the technology. I got hooked on the workouts and joined after the trial period. I love how I can go in and work hard for 45 minutes and then be done! In the past it had taken me 90 min to accomplish the same cardio/strength training mix. Who wouldn’t want to save this kind of time?

This week, my daughter is turning six months and though I don’t feel like I am 100 percent where I want to be, I am close! In less than five months I have shaved 3.8 points off my eBMI, increased my Q score by 29 points and have a strength gain of 53%! It is truly amazing and it hasn’t even been that hard! I just follow the program and eat responsibility and it happens.

The best part is I look forward to each workout session and to reaching new milestones. Thanks Koko!

Casey Novak
Member of Koko FitClub
Raleigh, NC

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