Motivation Favors Dallas Over Kansas City

A Saturday fan post is probably the least-read document on the internet, but since I’m having trouble sleeping, here goes.

A few quick reasons Dallas should have a large motivational edge in this matchup:

1) KC is very far out in front of their division

2) KC doesn’t play another division game until December and no one is going to catch them. Denver is awful and 3-4, the Chargers and Oakland are awful at 3-5. KC is 6-2.

3) Dallas, meanwhile, is chasing Philadelphia. They have all the reason in the world to scratch and claw for every win they can.

4) Dallas has last year’s rushing leader walking around with a tremendous chip on his shoulder and he sees every game as potentially his last (for six weeks). The team is likewise aware of the importance of maximizing Zeke’s on-field value while they have him.

So the motivation factor seriously favors Dallas and that is huge in the game of football. This will be an out of division and out of conference game for KC that they don’t have to have. For Dallas, every win is critical at this point.

Both teams have great offense and poor defense. But Dallas is playing at home and Dallas has a serious pass rush. KC does not. Dallas has a great offensive line. KC does not. They don’t protect their QB nearly as well as Dallas does.

As scary as the weapons on that KC offense may be, I can’t see Dallas losing this game. I think the Cowboys will harass Alex Smith all day and Dak and Zeke will control the game when it counts.

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