Monday Motivation: Feeling Proud About Eating Clean

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Have you been on a healthy-eating kick lately? Do you notice how good it has made you feel, mentally and physically? Props to you! There are so many wonderful things that can happen to you when you focus on living a healthier lifestyle, and choosing to eat clean, nutrient-dense foods that aren’t filled with controversial ingredients is the perfect way to stay on track.

Acknowledge How Hard You Are Working

When you make the decision to change something about your life, it’s so important to take a moment during each level of your new journey to acknowledge the terrific progress you’ve made. No matter how small the improvement might seem, you deserve to be proud of yourself!

Think about how much better your body feels just after a few days. Do you feel lighter? Look in the mirror and notice how your clothes fit better simply because you’re less bloated from not eating foods or beverages that contain monstrous amounts of salt (canned soups), fat (pizza), carbonation (flavored sparkling water) and artificial sweeteners (gum, diet soda ) or empty calories (alcohol).

As two weeks go by and you’re at work, do you notice an increase in your productivity? It could be because you’ve chosen to eliminate foods from your meals and snacks that are riddled with sugars, preservatives and artificial flavors and colors that can all make your mind foggier and harder to focus. Instead, you’ve swapped out the bad stuff for mind-boosting foods that contain more protein (nuts, grass-fed meats), whole grains (gluten-free breads, quinoa) and fiber (fruits, veggies) which can all help to keep you concentrated, alert and full of energy during your workday.

After eating clean for several weeks, do you notice your skin is clearer? Since you’ve been so diligent with your healthy eating habits and have thrown out all of the unhealthy foods that were clogging up your refrigerator and pantry, you’ve also unclogged your pores and helped your skin to glow and thrive! While at the grocery store, use our FoodFacts app to scan each food product and don’t put anything in your shopping cart that contains added sugars and keep your dairy products to a minimum. Both sugar and dairy play a huge role in causing your face to breakout with acne. Instead, add plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices to your cart that are all packed with nutrients like antioxidants, and those healthy items will help your body’s cells to grow and function at their best, giving you a more radiant complexion.

Feel Good, Love Your Body & Be Proud Of Yourself

Do you find yourself smiling more? We hope so! Because eating healthy consistently and happily is no easy task. If it was, then so many people wouldn’t be unhappy with their bodies and have health issues. You deserve to feel good about yourself, love your body, and be proud of all the hard work you have put into achieving a healthier lifestyle. At every step of the way, remember to give yourself credit where credit is due!

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