Internet Marketing Strategy Tips – How To Make Sales Online

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Internet Marketing Strategy Tips – How To Make Sales Online

In this episode of The Big Vision Show, we’re going to talk about good old fashioned internet
Hey there, my name is Max Simon and welcome to The Big Vision Show. This is all about
how you can kick butt in your business today.
In this episode, Anna asks, “I’m doing a lot of different internet marketing campaigns
and stuff online but people are not buying and I’m just not sure why. Can you help?
Well, Anna thanks so much for asking. This is a phenomenal question and you know there’s
a lot of different reasons why people do or do not buy online. So let’s cover the three
that I think are the most important.
One, did you have a really strong engagement campaign before you made your offer? You see,
so much of the time people are like, I’m going to sell something online and then they
put up a sales page and they slap it out to their people and they’re like, come on,
buy it. And then they wonder why people don’t buy. The truth is that even if somebody knows
you, even if somebody likes you, even if somebody trusts you, they still need to develop a reason
why they want to buy your program, your product, your event right now. So that’s why you
want to create videos and give eBooks and send e-mails and kind of warm people up to
the idea that something is coming so that by the time you actually invite them to invest
in your offer, they’re excited, they’re engaged, they’re kind of looking forward
to that next step with you.
So, one, did you have a really strong engagement campaign or do different types of media before
you actually make your offer because if not, that’s a perfect way to like, kill your
The second thing to ask is how clear is your offer? You see, you’ve probably heard this
before, but a confused mind never buys. So, you want to tell people exactly how the program
is delivered. You want to tell them exactly what kind of transformation will occur. You
need to tell them exactly what will happen next once they actually buy. You see, people
need to see it in their minds; it needs to be clear to them that this is the kind of
journey we’re going to go on. This is how I’m going to feel and this is the kind of
outcome I’m going to experience, and if it’s not crystal clear to them, a confused
mind won’t buy. So just double check to make sure that your offer is described in
the most clear way possible. Maybe run it by your friends or something.
And the third thing that oftentimes will prevent somebody from buying is no guarantee or a
weak guarantee. You see, online especially these days, if you’re not willing to guarantee
your product. Whether that’s for 30 days or guaranteed results or some kind of safety
net for people, it makes people a little hesitant especially because everybody else has good
guarantees. So really consider coming up with some guarantee that you feel really confident
in. That might bring up some of your stuff a little bit because it’s like I don’t
know what I feel confident guaranteeing. And as one of my friends, Greg Hapstren, said,
a strong guarantee will attract three times as many buyers even if only one of those people
might process a refund. So just be strong enough and willing enough to put up a guarantee
that you can stand behind because that will make people more confident to buy.
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