How to Make Money From Youtube

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Here are a few additional tips to ensure your YouTube venture is successful:

  • Don’t skimp out on the equipment: record in HD, use top notch audio and ensure the lighting is sufficient enough for your audience to see you clearly.
  • Respond to comments in the comments section, whether positive or negative.
  • Refrain from stealing other users’ tags, titles and descriptions for your videos.
  • Be short and concise. The average person has an attention span sorter than a goldfish. If your video is 20 minutes long then people are less likely to watch it.

There is no doubt that if you were an active content creator in the early days of YouTube then it’s quite possible that you’d be very popular today. Oh well. You can still be popular and successful today but it takes some additional hard work for you to get noticed and to build a dedicated audience. By following the tips above, you can certainly gradually increase your viewership from 99 to 301 to 4,000 to 325,000 over the next few years.


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