Go Ahead And Fail – It’s Actually A Success Tactic

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Dealing with failure is tough. But once you carefully consider where that failure took you and what you learned from it, you’ll appreciate that it was actually necessary. The fails that you experience are part of the path to eventual success. Here’s why.

Trying and failing is better than doing nothing.


Fear of failure is often crippling. So when you actually try to do something, but end up failing, don’t be too hard on yourself. At least you’ve been brave enough to go for it, rather than just moaning or daydreaming.

Failures are often invisible.


Failure can also be considered ‘not succeeding’ so you don’t even notice that you’ve failed. That’s good news because your ego doesn’t take a hit from every defeat in life. However, success is visible and measurable. To succeed is much more powerful than to fail.

It’s how you deal with the lesson failure offers you.


It’s not the failing itself that can be so debilitating but how you see it. If you fail, that does not make you a failure so there’s no need to wallow in it. Don’t underestimate the lessons that failures give you — you’ll need them to succeed.

Failures allow you to redirect your actions.


Recognizing where you went wrong allows you to redirect the path you’re on. You can do something different the next time because you’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t. Learning from failure is a great spring board to success.

Failure puts you one step closer to success.


Every time you redirect your actions, you get closer to the success you’re looking for. At this point you will look back and thank your failures. They taught you a lesson and forced you to take a different direction. You’ll forget pretty quickly about those fails but you’ll bathe in your success for the rest of your life.

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