8 Student Motivation Strategies That Work!

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Success in the class involves numerous elements that a teacher must juggle. From lesson planning and test management, to assignment correction and parent-teacher meetings, providing each and every student with the best possible education while making progress in the class can seem daunting.

Motivating students is one major key that helps in creating successful classes that run smoothly.

But just how do you motivate students? What strategies have been tested and proven to motivate students to work and learn more? And what tips and tricks can you try in your next class to get your students more engaged?

Strategies for Motivating Students

Passion: Be Enthusiastic

Passion is always attractive, and enthusiasm is contagious in the class. One great way to get students excited, enthusiastic, and motivated to work and learn is to display the passion and enthusiasm you want to see in them. Rarely will students become interested and intrigued by a topic that a teacher displays little to no interest in either.

Relevance: Know Your Students

Another key to motivating students and igniting their enthusiasm is to know them better. Learn what their future dreams are, the things they love to do, and the topics and hobbies they’re interested in. You will be able to better connect the lesson and the course to their own personal lives, and thereby igniting more interest in the topic.

Freedom: Offer Students Some Control

Sometimes handing the tools of teaching to students helps motivate them to learn. Not only do students grasp the material better when they research it to present it, but it also helps keep them engaged in the topic and provides them with an opportunity to showcase their understanding to the you and to their peers.

Top 8 Student Motivation Strategies That’ll Keep Your Students Engaged

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