5 Habits That Improve your Mental State, Motivation and Productivity

Most entrepreneurs have an intuitive understanding that mental health is important to the success of their business. Related: 7 Healthy Habits That Maximize Your Productivity Every Day Since many of the problems entrepreneurs face each day are mental, it should come as no surprise that many of the most valuable habits you can develop as an entrepreneur have nothing to do with business acumen, but with your personal mental health. Here are five such habits that will not only improve your mental state, but boost your motivation and productivity: […] poor sleeping habits are linked to a variety of health problems, including heart attacks, diabetes and obesity, which can lead to even more issues. Meals that are high in fat require much more energy to break down properly, leaving you tired and unable to perform at optimum levels. Releases chemicals into your system that cause happiness and fight depression Evidence shows that reading has an impact on your emotional awareness, thus helping to mprove your bottom-line. By taking the time to get enough sleep, enjoy a healthy diet, exercise regularly, meditate and read, you may spend less time working but you’ll produce higher-quality output and enjoy a better overall lifestyle.

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